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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Hyacinth Macaw Collection

It's for the art I say!

Okay, so a friend of mine made me think that having a favorite bird was weird, but apparently it isn't. (Yaaaay!) A lot of you guys have really cool favorite birds; thanks for sharing them with me! In the spirit of all the bird adoration, I decided to do the Hyacinth Macaw collection next!

As I mentioned yesterday, I love the texture of these shadows. They go on smooth and are really easy to work with when dry. As with yesterday's Lovely Cotinga collection, the wear is still strong point, however even without primer, only one of these colors faded minimally after a full 7 hours' wear (I'll tell you which one once I introduce the colors) and with primer, it wasn't a problem at all.

So here are the jars (in a more easy to discern picture):

Left to Right: Mondo, Bombástico, Largo
May I say, I absolutely love how loyal these colors are to the actual Hyacinth Macaw! Of these three, Bombástico is my favorite, but I have to say, it's Mondo that has the cool factor. See that sunny yellow?

When it's patted on it looks like this:

Left to Right: Mondo, Largo, Bombástico
Yes, I did label that correctly: I just accidentally switched the jars for Largo and Bombástico while I was swatching (the rest of them go in the order Mondo, Bombástico, Largo). That sunshine, buttercup, Pikachu yellow had something very mustardy about it that I couldn't place. Largo was lovely and bright (though it's lighter, my eye couldn't detect any white base to speak of). Bombástico has purple/violet undertones as well as some fine violet shimmer (it's totally to die for, in my opinion).

Here it is when swept on, lightly:

Left to Right: Mondo, Bombástico, Largo
Mondo sheers out, but is still a buttercup yellow (though now you can see some whiteness). Bombástico and Largo are still delightfully bright and opaque.

When you foil Mondo? Therein lies the magic:

Left to Right: Mondo, Bombástico, Largo
Mondo has this visible mustard-y-ness to it in the jar that isn't really present when patted on dry, but when you foil it? You really begin to see this weird sort of greenish-brown undertone. Isn't that neat? The trouble is that wet application of this color really sheers it out. I had to go back to my jar three times for this swatch of Mondo, whereas the other two had me dipping into the jar only once. Bombástico foils beautifully; it beings to look metallic and deeper, but just a touch less purple. Largo becomes a deeper blue. It almost seems like a different color entirely.

On to the colors:

Mondo is a complex buttercup yellow, with mustard-y green-brown undertones. This is the one that fades when applied dry without primer. It also sheers out when you attempt to foil it, though it does look awesome!
Bombástico is a deep blue with violet undertones and shimmer. This foiled really smoothly and looked wonderful.
Largo is a medium blue that looks light when dry (but doesn't seem to have any white to it). When used wet, it gains depth.

All None of these shades are lip safe and only Mondo contains an FD&C dye.

Mondo applied wet to lips. Please don't do this: check up on this post.
Bombástico applied wet to lips. Please don't do this: check up on this post.
Largo applied wet to lips. Please don't do this: check up on this post.
Those lip swatches aren't the most flattering because, as opposed to using a gloss, I wanted to show how these looked on their own on lips: I applied with water and let the water evaporate leaving only the powder which, naturally, was drying ('cause, you know, powder).

If you're looking for yellow lips, I don't recommend Mondo if you have pigmented lips: it's difficult to build up. Bombástico makes a cool blue lip, though: try patting it into some clear gloss when you're wearing purple lipstick. I think that'll look great. Largo, on lips, was nothing special, in my opinion.

The Good:
  • The texture of these is smooth and easy to use.
  • The shimmer is very fine; there wasn't any migration or fall out.
  • Lovely colors, in my opinion.
  • Mondo is pretty special in my opinion, even though Bombástico is still my favorite!
  • The wear is incredible. These stayed on, no problem, with the exception of Mondo. When applied dry, without primer it faded by the 7 hour mark. This wasn't an issue when my eyes were primed.
The Bad:
  • Even though Mondo looks coolest when foiled, foiling it sheers it out like crazy. You can still build it up to opacity, though, so it's not so bad; definitely a slight inconvenience though.
The Neutral:
  • Mondo contains an FD&C dye. If you have sensitivity issues to dyes, be aware of that!
Overall, I really like these shadows. Playing with Mondo, in particular, was really fun! Bombástico and Largo are also very nice. Bombástico foils exceptionally well, whereas Mondo foils really poorly. If you like these colors, I don't think you'll regret picking these up at all. I also had a great purchase experience with Linnaeus.

You can currently buy the full collection for $12 here. Each individual color is also available separately for $5.

NOTE: This review contains non-lip safe products that were swatched on lips. Read this post for more info. 
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