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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Green Mantella Collection

I love green things almost as much as I love purple things: true fact. I was originally going to buy this and the Emerald Tree Skink collection, but I ultimately decided that trying things from a variety of color families would give me a better reference point for evaluation. (I bought Emerald Tree Skink with my second purchase, though: I'm excited, because really like the greens that are in this collection).

The texture, again, is really nice; there was no fussiness with any of these (whether I was using them wet or dry). All three of these had all day wear with and without primer, so in that regard I highly recommend these.

Left to Right: Brigand, Pollywog, Cavort
 Take a look at pollywog in the jar? I feel like every collection I've tried so far has an "OMG, look at that shade" color. In this collection "that shade" is Pollywog. In the jar it's a dark mint green. Brigand is a clear aquatic, lovely blue and Cavort is sort of in the family of lime green (it's a bit bluer than a pure lime green).

Left to Right: Brigand, Pollywog, Cavort
That middle shade is the same one you're seeing in the jar. Really.

It's amazing, you guys. Sometimes it looks the same way it does in the jar, sometimes it looks a paler mint green with a pale blue shift (click the image to get a clearer view; the image makes the color look very blue when it's small, but when you get a closer look you can see the pale mint, as well). Marin mentions in the etsy shop that her camera doesn't do it justice, and she's totally right. It's a hard color to show off properly. Brigand is the same clear blue. Because of my skin tone, I love that this doesn't have a heavy white base. Cavort's white base is heavier, but still not at all difficult for me to wear.

Here are the colors, swept on lightly:

Left to Right: Brigand, Pollywog, Cavort
Firstly, how pretty does Brigand look? You can see that there's no visible white base when the shadows are swept out this way. In this swatch Pollywog looks mintier and less blue compared to when it's patted on. These all look less pale swept on than they do when patted.

Left to Right: Brigand, Pollywog, Cavort
And foiled? Oh my goodness. These all look amazing when you foil them. A lot of the time, I don't bother foiling loose shadows, but I think I'll be foiling these pretty often. Take another close look at Pollywog. That shift starts looking kind of... magical? That's the best word I can think of. It makes me think of water faeries and mermaids.

On to the colors:

Brigand is a greenish aqua blue with a bit of a silvery sheen to it. This is a really clear sort of aqua, so if you generally dodge aqua-type colors because most of them have too much white in them, this is worth a try.
Pollywog is sort of blue and sort of mint with a golden sheen to it. This shade is really awesome!
Cavort is a lime green with some extra blue-ish-ness to it and a silvery sheen. I'm a big fan of lime green, for those of you who didn't know (ha!), and this is really nice for the same reason is Brigand: no heavy white base!

Pollywog is the only one of these that's lip safe. It also None of these is lip safe. Pollywog contains an FD&C dye; the other two don't.

Pollywog applied wet to lips. Please don't do this: check up on this post.
This lip swatch isn't the most flattering because, as opposed to using a gloss, I wanted to show how these looked on their own on lips: I applied with water and let the water evaporate leaving only the powder which, naturally, was drying ('cause, you know, powder).

This is the darker mint that it can look like sometimes; you can see the pretty golden sheen. My lips have very cool undertones that seem to pull out most of the aqua.

 The Good:
  • Great colors, in my opinion. I love the fact that Cavort and Brigand are so easy to wear (because the lightness of their color doesn't seem to come from a white base--or at least not heavily so). Pollywog is just stunning.
  • Great texture on all of these.
  • The sheen that each of these has makes them gorgeous to foil.
  • All of these have great wear: they went for my full day without creasing or fading.
The Bad:
Nothing here!

The Neutral:
  • Only Pollywog is lip safe.
  • Pollywog contains an FD&C dye.
Overall, this is a really fun collection of colors. If you dig greens and blues, I think you'd fall for these just as hard as I did. If you had to pick just one color, though? Pollywog. It's really great to see it in different lights and to apply it in different ways to pull different tones. I also had a great purchase experience with Linnaeus.

You can currently buy the full collection for $12 here. Each individual color is also available separately for $5.

NOTE: This review contains a non-lip safe product that was swatched on lips. Read this post for more info.
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