Fierce Nerditude: Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby Collection

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Review: The Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby Collection

Let me start this post off by saying that neutrals rarely, if ever, rock my world. I bought this collection only because I know I should get some more neutrals into my stash. These though? They kind of rock my world, and I'll show you why.

These are so not you average neutrals. First off, let's get the redundancies of texture and wear out of the way. The texture of these is just as lovely as the other Linnaeus shadows I've tried, but with a bit more slip. In fact, these all remind me a little of Lanky. In two regards, actually: they offer a lot of control and also they all stained my arm (but I didn't notice staining on my eye). Without primer, these become less shimmery over the course of the day, but they didn't crease or 'fade' per se. The shimmer did, but the underlying colors themselves stayed strong. With primer, there was no fading, creasing and the shimmer was fine.

Left to Right: Zippy, Cliff Line, Sprightly
See how they all look, well, brown? Not so.

Or at least not really.

Left to Right: Zippy, Cliff Line, Sprightly
See how at first they look just... blah? Zippy is, beneath the surface just a deep brown, Cliff Line is beige with a very silvery twist, Sprightly is brown-leaning taupe.

Left to Right: Zippy, Cliff Line, Sprightly
I couldn't quite capture this in Zippy, but you can sort of see it: it has some very strong notes of deep plum. It's so gorgeous. Cliff Line is the uber-cool one in this lineup, though (or maybe it's Sprightly?) Those brown-ish beige tones with some barely-but-almost-definitely-there champagne. It also seems to shine a bit lavender, but I'm not sure if that's just my imagination (because the other two have purple to them) or what. Sprightly is really pretty, too. It's this taupe with a twist of lavender (click the photo above, if you can't see it: it should give you a pretty good idea).

Left to Right: Zippy, Cliff Line, Sprightly
Zippy has such beautiful plum tones, I wish they weren't so hard to capture. Cliff Line gets that silvery look from the shimmer. If you look toward the bottom of the swatch, you can see a bit more of the underlying taupe-beige looking color. Here, you can definitely see the lavender sheen I was talking about in Sprightly.

On to the colors:

Zippy is a deep brown with plum tones. They're hard to see in pictures, but I swear they're there!
Cliff Line is a funny mushroom-y beige with a heavy silvery-champagne sheen. Sweeping it brings the beige out and foiling it brings out the champagne.
Sprightly is taupe with lavender sheen. If you want to really bring the lavender out, foil it.

These are all lip safe. Cliff Line and Sprightly are lip safe. Sprightly contains an FD&C dye.

Zippy applied wet to lips. Please don't do this: check up on this post.
Cliff Line applied wet to lips
Sprightly applied wet to lips
Those lip swatches aren't the most flattering because, as opposed to using a gloss, I wanted to show how these looked on their own on lips: I applied with water and let the water evaporate leaving only the powder which, naturally, was drying ('cause, you know, powder).

I think Zippy and Sprightly makes a great lip colors. Sprightly loses its lavender effect, and Zippy most of its plumminess. I've actually been looking for brown lip colors like these for a long time. It makes me sad that these are eyeshadows: that really complicates wearing them this way. Unlike Sprightly that loses its lavender when applied to lips, Cliff Line's champagne shimmer becomes twofold. I think Cliff Line would look coolest in gloss.

 The Good:
  • Super buttery texture. Love it!
  • I got great control with all of these.
  • Awesome wear.
  • The colors are really complex and beautiful.
Th Bad:

The Neutral:
  • These are all lip safe: I really like Zippy and Sprightly as a lip colors.
  • Sprightly has an FD&C dye in it.
  • These stained my arm when I foiled them, but I don't think they stained my eyes.
Overall, I really recommend these. They're neutral enough that I think that anyone could wear them, but they also have that WOW! factor that I think lovers of color, like me, would really like. All three of these is really impressive in terms of both formulation and appearance. So far, I've tried five different Linnaeus collections, all beautiful, but if you asked me to recommend just one? I think it would be either this or the Green Mantella set. With this one, though, there's the added benefit of the fact that I don't think anyone could look bad in these colors. I also had a great purchase experience with Linnaeus.

You can currently buy the full collection for $12 here. Each individual color is also available separately for $5.

NOTE: This review contains a non-lip safe product that was swatched on lips. Read this post for more info.  
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