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Friday, April 1, 2011

Favorites: March 2011

Happy April, guys! I know you've gotten lots of April Fools by now, so I won't be doing one. Hope you don't mind! ;) (The one on Temptalia totally got me, by the way xD)

So here's my first Favorites post!
My favorites in the picture (in no particular order):
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion: This is a long time favorite of mine, but as March is the time of weather change (or it's supposed to be; what's up with this cold?!) my eczema typically becomes extra-aggravated. I definitely believe that the reason it's completely under control right now is because of this stuff. I don't even have to use my prescription every day anymore!
  • Bath and Body Works Eau De Toilette in Mango Mandarin: I got this during the Hello Yellow sale for five bucks several months ago. Typically my favorite Bath & Body Works fragrance is Japanese Cherry Blossom, but I find I really like how this one takes me on a short trip to the tropics. Especially since it still feels like it's the dead of winter in NYC!
  • Shiro Cometics Intertubes in Longcat: My first class starts at 7:30 in the morning and I live about an hour away from my school by bus. It takes me fifteen minutes to do my makeup. Basically, at 5:30 am every day, I have to make the choice of whether I'm going to put my makeup on or crawl back into my warm bed for another fifteen precious minutes of sleep. Which one do you think I choose? Basically, what I'm trying to say is that there have been so many days this month where this is the only makeup I bother to wear. Next time I order from Shiro, I think I'll be picking up another (or three!)
  • China Glaze Crackle Polishes in Black Mesh and Cracked Concrete: I love these polishes. They're a great way to make a basic manicure interesting with little-to-no effort. I chose Black Mesh and Cracked Concrete specifically because I've been using these more than any of the others (though the others are lovely too!)
  • MAC Lipstick in Riveting Rose and Lipglass in Indigo Pink: Most days when I did actually bother with makeup, I went with this lip combo. It's just so pretty!
  • Inglot AMC Lip Pencil in 35: The main reason I didn't wear black lips was because of the high maintenance nature of the color in the lip area (those of you who do wear them probably know what I mean!) This pencil is pretty much as low maintenance as they come. I'm looking forward to trying other colors!
Non-pictured things:
  • I bought a serial monitor cable so that I could hook my laptop up to a full-size monitor. It's way less straining on my eyes, so I've really been loving it!
  • My camera. It's a Canon PowerShot SX130IS. I had a documentary project to do for my English composition class, and my camera was so good to me.
  • The current Tarte sale going on. 30% off with the coupon code APRILFOOL all day!
This song:

    I've been loving it for several months, actually, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Also, this song:

    It came out when I first started high school. After listening to it fairly often for a few months, I nearly completely forgot about it 'til this month. It's kickass, no?

    And yes, my musical taste is very difficult to actually pin down.

    So, guys, how was your March and what are some things you've been loving? Have you written your own March favorites post? Do share!
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