Fierce Nerditude: Bokeh Face Wants To Know: What Would YOUR Collection Be Called?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bokeh Face Wants To Know: What Would YOUR Collection Be Called?

So guys, I found out about this nifty contest from Kattatonic Fiercology. It's run by an indie company called Bokeh Face. The task is exactly what it says on the tin: you get to name a shadow collection of up to ten shadows, and if they choose yours, it gets made! So without further, ado, here's my entry: the "Say What?!" collection.

As a music lover, I like to memorize all of the lyrics to different songs. The trouble? I don't always hear them correctly. The ten colors in my hypothetical are named after different mondegreens, some of which are famous, some of which may be exclusive to just me (or friends of mine). The shadows in this collection are:

If I Were Green I Would Die
This one pays tribute to the Eiffel 65's famous I'm Blue. I actually heard the real lyrics ("Da Ba Dee, Da Ba Die") until a friend of mine told me that it was actually "I'm Blue, if I were Green I would die." Hey, it made much more sense to me!

I think it'd be cool for this color to be ocean blue with a bright green duochrome, like below.

Space Monkey Mafia!
Remember kids, commas are important! The actual lyric (from Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire') is "space monkey, mafia." This is referring to, respectively, the monkeys who were sent into space and, well, the mafia. But when I first heard this song? I heard "Space Monkey Mafia!" My wide-eyed childhood self imagined a group of space-suit-wearing, laser-wielding space monkeys in an organized crime syndicate. Ah, the innocence of childhood.

I think this would be neat as a red-purple with a green shimmer. Why? Because Mojo Jojo would totally be the head of the Space Monkey Mafia if there were one, and everyone knows it.

Okay, so I know that Weird Al clearly says "styrofoam peanuts" at first, but later on in the song... well... Skip to just before the fourth minute.

Just FYI, he's saying, "Do you want my styrofoam peanuts?" AND NOTHING ELSE. D<

I think this would be cool as a shimmery white with soft pink, blue and green duochrome or shimmer (like the colors of styrofoam peanuts!)

Does It Make A Difference If We're Naked Or Not?
A reference to Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer.' While the real line is "Does it make a difference if we make it or not?" that's so not what I heard. Fun fact: a friend of mine swears up and down that he thought he heard "(Whoa) We're half-gay bears,/(Whoa-oh) Livin' on eclairs," but I think that's probably way too long. Also, I don't really believe him (even if I did nearly die laughing when he sang it for me).

I think this would be fun as a peachy yellow with a bit of a nude pink shift.

Slow Uncle Walter, The Fire Engine Guy
This one's from Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water' and really famous.

My friend told me about this, and now I can't hear anything else. xP

For this one, I think fire engine red would be cool, possibly with some gold thrown in!

The Cardboard Kind's The One That's Really Dangerous
I first heard Green Day's 'Warning' when I was 12, and that song honestly made me believe that way back in the day police line was made of cardboard. The real lines? "Caution, Police Line: You better not cross./Is the cop or am I the one that's really dangerous?" I still think cardboard police line could totally be dangerous, though. Like... what if it caught fire and Uncle Walter was too slow?

I think it'd be neat if this were a bright yellow (like police line), maybe with some black glitter in it. Another neat idea is if it were a cardboard brown (but browns tend to bore me... maybe a brown with some bright yellow glitter?)

I've Been Eating Marigolds
Where you from, you sexy thang? ;)

This little misunderstanding is from when I was really little. The first time I heard this song, it was in a commercial (I actually think it was a Viagra commercial, or something, ha!) The real lyric is right in the song title: 'I Believe In Miracles' by Hot Chocolate.

I'd love for this one to be an orange-y yellow, like marigolds, possibly with gold shimmer. I'd also think it was really cool if this shade could be made lip safe... Not because I'd wear it on my lips often, but just for pun. (I'M SO CORNY!)

'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy
This one, from the song 'Purple Haze,' is so famous that apparently Jimi Hendrix would occasionally sing it this way (I've also been told that he would sometimes stop and kiss a guy, but I'm not fully sure if that's true because my source on this particular bit is the 'half-gay bears' guy).

I'd love for this to be a grey blue with sky blue shimmer, because the real line is "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky." It'd be awesome if this were lip-safe, too!

Shake It Like A Corduroy Ninja
I read this one on the internet and giggled for several minutes. It's an interesting take on Outkast's "Shake it like a Polaroid picture," (from the song 'Hey Ya') don't you think?

I'd love for this to be Naruto-orange. Not because I'm particularly fond of that color, but rather, because (even though it's never been specified in canon) I've always believed that Naruto's weird orange uniform was made of corduroy. And now that I think about it, he probably "shakes it like a corduroy ninja" all the time. He just seems the type.

The Rainbow Has A Beard
This one is a little different from the others. How? It's the actual lyric, from the song 'SWLABR' by Cream. I didn't think it made sense, though, so I mentally corrected it to "The rainbow has appeared." Nope. The rainbow has a beard.

See for yourself:

This one would be neat as a black with rainbow shimmer (there won't be a picture, because I don't think anyone would need a reference for black and rainbow).

So guys, what do you think of my entry? Are you going to enter? Have you already entered? Post your comments, links, thoughts, whatever!
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