Fierce Nerditude: Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette

Stila's Artist's Inspration Palette is a steal at just fifteen bucks, so naturally I needed one. It's so sleek and sophisticated looking on the outside, isn't it? The inside tells a slightly different (more exciting) story!

Top Row: Fluorescent Green, Ebony, Electric Pink
Bottom Row: Golightly, Dapple, Kitten
Right off the bat, don't you love the mix of modern and classic? So chic. The packaging of this palette is nice, sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure. There is one major complaint that I have though. Sephora's website lists this as having six eyeshadows, whereas Electric Pink is actually a blush.

See? It's a cheek color.
Not cool, Sephora website. Not cool at all.

The deal you get on this palette is really good. .32 oz of eyeshadow and .07 oz of blush for fifteen bucks. For reference, MAC eyeshadows are .05 oz.

The pan is really awkwardly small to dip my usual blush brush (MAC's 129) into. When I tried, I found I'd get some Kitten on it, too. The blush is good quality, otherwise, though. The wear time is impeccable. For reference, here are some pictures.

Me at 9:30 am
Me at 4:30 pm. Pardon the shine and messy hair, I just came back from a jog.
I literally jogged in this and it still looked great. If this were available on it's own as a blush in a blush-sized pan, I'd give it an A+ in terms of color, wear, everything. I recommend using a MAC 130 or 188: something with a small head. You'll still have to be careful, though.

The shadows are all up to Stila's usual standard. They're all nicely pigmented and wear well. Ebony is a bit drier than the other colors which all have a rather buttery texture. I really love that this palette includes Kitten. It gets so many raves, and I was really curious about it.

On to the colors:
Left to Right: Fluorescent Green, Ebony, Electric Pink (swatched
with an eyeshadow brush), Electric Pink (blended out with a blush
brush), Golightly, Dapple, Kitten
Fluorescent Green is bright lime green. This is a lovely shade with a bit of a yellow shimmer to it.
Ebony is a matte black. As a matte shade, it's fairly dry and looks much softer swatched than it does on the eyes.
Electric Pink is bright pink with gold sheen to it. It's a very nice blush and very pigmented. You may want to use a light hand.
Golightly is a lovely bronze with a sheen to it. It reminds me a lot of Smog from Urban Decay's Naked Palette.
Dapple is a nice grey-lavender color with a sheen to it. I'm absolutely in love with this shade!
Kitten is a pale, shimmery champagne with a bit of pink to it. This color doesn't really call to me because of my personal tastes, but the formula is very nice in terms of texture and wear. All of the bottom three are SO unbelievably silky smooth.

Left: Smog Right: Golightly
These two shades are very similar. Smog has a touch more depth, but I really doubt most people would see the difference, especially on the eyes.

The Good:
  • Great shades. All of them are pigmented and wear well.
  • Good deal and nice variety.
  • The blush has awesome wear. It lasts all day and through jogging as well.
  • Sleek, sturdy packaging.
The Bad:
  • The blush is in an awkwardly small pan. Super annoying!
The Neutral:
  • Cardboard packaging. It feels sturdy, but it'll probably show wear after a while, as all cardboard tends to.
  • Sephora's site says this is 6 shadows: it's not!
Overall, if the colors other than the pink are calling to you, I definitely recommend it. The texture on all of these is really nice. If you really like the look of the blush, please be aware that using it isn't exactly an easy task. It's not difficult per se, but it's not easy.

This is currently available for $15.00 at Sephora.
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