Fierce Nerditude: Shiro Cosmetics: A Series Of Tubes (Part II: The Intertubes)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics: A Series Of Tubes (Part II: The Intertubes)

Contents of the bag.
As I mentioned yesterday, I was really excited to get my order from ShiroCosmetics a week ago! I ordered the full set of ten intertubes, a balm/lipstick/lip stain. They're all vegan, and have shea butter, organic jojoba oil and candelila wax as the first three ingredients. Now let's dive into the review!

Like I've already mentioned, each Intertube was individually sealed. Hooray for hygiene! Shiro Cosmetics says:
[The Intertubes] each have the moisturizing properties and consistency of a very nice semigloss balm, but the intensity and opacity of each unique color varies too widely for Intertubes as a whole to be described as simply a "tinted balm," a "lipstick," or a "stain." Therefore, I've decided it's most accurate to call them "tubes of win."...
I wouldn't challenge any of those claims. They vary quite a bit from tube to tube, but they're all moisturizing, feel like balms and are semiglossy. They're also all full of win. There is also a lot of variation among them. Most of them can be built up to be quite dark, most of them leave a nice stain and none of them feel dry or gritty, though some of them have visible shimmer. From looking at the tubes themselves
You can see a depiction of the meme, the name of the color and
the scent/flavor of each tube on the label. Ingredients are listed
on the side, as well.
Regardless of the picture, Leeroy Jenkins doesn't smell/taste
of fried chicken. Thank goodness.
Intertubes are packaged in very interesting little tubes. They're made of sturdy plastic and have oval-shaped tops. The twist up mechanism isn't like that of a Chapstick, but more like that of a miniature, oblong deodorant, or something. You guys can see what I mean, right? I prefer these tubes to the Chapstick style tubes because they lay nice and flat in my pocket. With cylindrical tubes, I feel a bit like I'm being poked in the leg.

The texture of these is very interesting. The contents of the tubes feel dry and not-very-emollient to the touch, but they have a great glide factor to them and are very moisturizing. I feel like a nice side effect of this is that you wind up using very little product. I'm really happy with the texture and consistency of these, and if Shiro Cosmetics ever started making vegan balms, I'd totally jump on them!

Shiro Cosmetics also says that the Intertubes are flavored, but I don't taste a thing with any of these. They are all scented, but I don't taste anything whatsoever except in the cases of Longcat and Leeroy Jenkins (peppermint and spearmint respectively).

The scent of the Intertubes are quite strong. The spearmint one in particular deserves a special mention. I've been keeping them in the bag, and every time I open it I get a faceful of spearmint. The scents might not be for everyone, but I have to say, though I expected not to like the Butter Rum scent/flavor of Numa Numa or the Ginger scent/flavor of Rickrolled, I actually find them to smell very nice. The scents all smell very non-synthetic. I'll get more into each individual smell when I'm dealing with each individual tube.

Left to Right: Yo Dawg, Three Wolf Moon, Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain, Rickrolled, Robe & Wizard Hat, Leeroy Jenkins, Longcat, Over 9000, Sad Keanu
You can build most of these up to be very dark. The exception is Longcat, which on me looks transparent with silver glitter. The above swatches are with two swipes of each Intertube: Once up and once down. That looks pretty winful to me.

On to the Colors:
Left to Right: Yo Dawg, Three Wolf Moon, Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain, Rickrolled
Yo Dawg is a red-leaning magenta. I can see what looks like shimmer in the tube, but I don't see any shimmer on my lips. I can easily get five to six hours of wear from this. It smells lightly of raspberry.

Yo Dawg
Three Wolf Moon is a deep, slightly blue-leaning red. When built up it looks very lipstick-y. It smells like true cinnamon. Not cinnamon candy or cinnamon toast: just cinnamon. This has cinnamon oil in it, which may sting or plump your lips. My lips never seem to react in any way to anything like that. Not even Lip Venom, so I can't speak to that at all. Please see the Neutral section of the Breakdown for more info. I can get 5 to six hours of good wear out of this. This stains my lips deep red.

Three Wolf Moon
Numa Numa is an orange gold base with gold glitter. I can get this to be pretty pigmented with a heavy hand, but a light hand looks nicer, in my opinion. I get four to five-and-a-half hours of wear out of this. This is butter rum scented. The smell is less sweet than it sounds. Even though I thought it'd be gross, I really like it.

Numa Numa
Chocolate Rain is neutral deep brown that leans a tiny smidgen bluer than it does red on my lips. On my arm, like I said, it's neutral. It's supposed to smell like chocolate, but it does so in a way that reminds me of neroli. Five to six hours' wear! This stains my lips deep brown.

Chocolate Rain
Rickrolled is a bright red orange that reminds me of mac and cheese! It smells like Ginger, and was unexpectedly my favorite scent of the lot. This one's also supposed to be stingy/plumpy, but I wouldn't know: see Neutral section of the Breakdown for more details. Four-and-a-half to five-and-a-half hours' wear with this shade. This leaves an orange-y stain on my lips. Click here.


Left to Right: Robe & Wizard Hat, Leeroy Jenkins, Longcat, Over 9000, Sad Keanu
Robe & Wizard Hat is blue! It reminds me of being a kid and getting popsicle stains on my lips! Blue is a hard color to get good wear with. It often tends to wear away in the middle part of the lips before it wears away elsewhere. This doesn't do that on me. The wear on this is five-to-six hours easily. It smells lightly of blueberry. This one leaves a stain on my lips. I have to admit, this is the one meme in the lot that I'm not familiar with. Can anyone explain?

Robe & Wizard Hat
Leeroy Jenkins is a very pink lavender with light, visible shimmer. Of all ten, this looks most like a lipstick to me (moreso than Three Wolf Moon). It smells very strongly of spearmint. My friend thought I was hiding gum in my purse and not sharing! This one leaves a very light purpley-pinkish stain on my lips. One thing that I think came up with this one that didn't with any of the others is that it made my lips look really dry, though they weren't. This one really sinks into liplines, and is the only one I found to be a more 'high maintainence' lip color. It's a shame because this is also my favorite, so I guess I'll just have to tough it out. This wears for four-to-five hours, but it starts looking dry after about two. This is a sting/plumper: see the Neutral section of the Breakdown for more info.
Leeroy Jenkins
Longcat is completely sheer with fine iridescent glitter. Let me tell you, photographing it was no easy task. It's very pretty. If you try to build it up, you'll just get more shimmer. I'd describe this as a shimmery balm. It wears for four hours easily. It smells of peppermint, and (obviously) doesn't stain my lips. It has that plumping/stinging thing going on, not that I would know. Check out the Neutral section of the breakdown for more info.

Over 9000 is a very-red-leaning, strawberry pink. It smells the lightest of all ten. It's supposed to be like grapefruit, but it just smells sort of fruity to me. Four to five hours of wear! It stains my lips lightly.

Over 9000
Sad Keanu is a deep blueberry purple. I thought this would be my favorite color, but then I met Leeroy Jenkins. The wear on this is five-and-a-half to six-and-a-half hours. It's supposed to smell like blackberry, but I'm not familiar with blackberry smell, so I can't say. But it does smell fruity and quite nice! This one stains purple!

Sad Keanu
The Good:
  • Great range of colors, most of which are super wearable. Numa Numa and Rickrolled will be great for those who love this year's orange lip trend. Robe & Wizard Hat will satisfy any blue lip fiends! I'd love to see a green, yellow and/or black, because Robe & Wizard Hat was pulled off so well in terms of formula. I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat.
  • Super moisturizing. Like I've already said, if Shiro Cosmetics made a plain balm I'd want it!
  • Smooth texture, even in glittery shades.
  • Long wear with the dark shades, average wear on the lighter ones.
  • Can be worn with different opacities, depending on your taste (except Longcat, which isn't that kind of color).
  • Tubes have a nice shape and are made of durable feeling plastic.
The Bad:
  • Leeroy Jenkins can be very fussy. Scroll up to the individual color review for details.
The Neutral:
  • These are all scented. While I didn't find any of the scents offensive, some might. That's a risk of any scented product.
  • No flavor (except Longcat and Leeroy Jenkins).
  • Some of these have ingredients like ginger oil, cinammon oil, peppermint oil and spearmint oil (look at the shade descriptions: I mention which ones these are). These can be stingy on some lips. Whether this is positive or negative depends on how sensitive you are to things like that and whether you like lip plumpers. I have pretty much zero sensitivity to things like that, so I can't gauge the severity but I'll point out that these ingredients are very far down on the list. Last, in fact, which puts them in the same place that flavor is listed in the rest of the tubes. This probably means these oils flavor/scent the product more than they sting/plump your lips. Some people are really sensitive to this stuff, though, so I think it's probably those people who need to be wary.
Overall, I really recommend most of these colors. If you like the look of Yo Dawg, Three Wolf Moon, Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain, Rickrolled, Robe & Wizard Hat, Longcat, Over 9000, or Sad Keanu, I really don't think you'll be disappointed in them. My recommendation for Leeroy Jenkins is more hesitant, though. While the rest of these colors can just be thrown on and forgotten about for several hours, you're gonna need to check up on Leeroy every other hour. It's my favorite color, so obviously it's not enough to put me off buying it, but it might be enough to put some of you off.

Individual shades of Shiro Cosmetics's intertubes are currently available for $6.50 each, a set of five shades of your choice is available for $30.00 and a set of all ten is available for $55.00. All of them can be found here in Shiro Cosmetics's etsy shop.

For a review on the other details of my order, click here.
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