Fierce Nerditude: Shiro Cosmetics: A Series Of Tubes (Part I: Details and Things)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics: A Series Of Tubes (Part I: Details and Things)

Full confession: the reason I made a purchase from Shiro Cosmetics is because the products are named awesometastically. One collection of eyeshadows is named after things from the Legend of Zelda games and another entirely after stuff from Pokemon. Because I was too wussy to order eyeshadow from an indie company I'd only done some small amount of research on, I wound up buying the Intertubes. All of them are really cute and all of them are named after internet memes! The original review was much longer than this.

In fact, it was way too long, so I decided to break it into several parts. This part will cover everything about the order that was not a product: customer service, etc. The next parts will cover the review of the actual intertubes (two posts) and the last will be a quickie sort of review of the samples.

First off, apparently I placed my order right before they started moving into a new warehouse, so there was a delay on my order. Basically, I placed this order on February 10th and got it Tuesday, March 1st. There was a further delay (in addition to the one caused by the moving) because the seller didn't receive the tubes from the post office when she had expected to. I don't blame her for either of those things. She was very easy to contact when I needed to find out about the status of the order, but if there was going to be some sort of further delay I'd have preferred that she had contacted me rather than the other way around.

With that out of the way, everything else about the experience of this purchase was so overwhelmingly positive that all that other stuff I just said pales in comparison.

Snapped this photo upon opening the box. Very
neatly wrapped.
First off, my order came in a box. As in, not in a cheap-o bubble mailer. Did you just hear my squeal of glee? I hatehatehate buying something only to find that the seller decided just to cram it into a cruddy envelope and hope for the best (not that everyone who uses bubble mailers does that, but I think we've all had that experience).

The box was a good amount of tissue inside to secure the contents. In the tissue there was a carefully wrapped little valentines gift bag secured shut with a heart-shaped sticker. Inside were my ten tubes, and each one was individually sealed. In addition, the seller wrote a note on the invoice (which lots of sellers do, but it still always makes me smile), sent along four free samples of shadow and threw in two pieces of Valentine's chocolate. I love all of the personal touches she put into the contents of the box. I swear, you guys, opening this box was like getting a little just-because present, or something!

Shipping is also free in the U.S. for orders of over $35.00, which is awesome because I hate paying for shipping. Even if you don't want to buy over $35 bucks worth of stuff on your first order like I did, shipping is still super affordable. To quote from the etsy shop:
FREE SHIPPING within the United States on orders over $35! Refunds will be issued through PayPal within 1 business day. Otherwise: - $2.50 Flat Rate shipping on all standard/mini sizes within the United States. - $3.50 Flat Rate shipping on all standard/mini sizes international. - $1.50 Flat Rate shipping for orders that contain only sample sizes.
 The Good:
  • Everything was packed neatly and effectively (nothing would've been likely to break or be damaged).
  • Seller is easy to contact. It never took more than a day to get a response to a question.
  • Nice personal touches. <3
  • The minimum amount for free shipping is very reasonable.
  • Shipping charges are very reasonable even if you do wind up paying.
The Bad:
  • I'd have perferred that she'd contacted me if there was a delay rather than the other way around.
The Neutral:
  • It currently looks as though there's a rather lengthy delay before shipment at the moment.

Overall, I really feel like the seller at Shiro Cosmetics does a great job taking care of all of the details, and I'd definitely place another order. In fact, I already have.

Here's a link to her etsy shop!
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