Fierce Nerditude: Sephora By OPI Glee Collection: Gleek Out and Who Let The Dorks Out?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sephora By OPI Glee Collection: Gleek Out and Who Let The Dorks Out?

I've only watched a limited number of Glee episodes, but I definitely know who my favorite characters are. Kurt and the character played by Jane Lynch (don't know the character's name, sorry!) Therefore, last, but not least, I'll be showing you guys 'Gleek Out' and 'Who Let The Dorks Out?'

These are really gorgeous colors. The base has a gel-like look to it and they both have fine shimmer strewn throughout. Both of these have great wear, a good dry time and the formula is easy to work with.

On to the colors:

Gleek Out is a fine, lime-green shimmer densely strewn through a clear base. This is really easy to wear sheer or to build up to opacity. It was opaque in two coats, but I went for a third just to make it picture-perfect. I imagine doing a thin coat of this over another polish would look really awesome.
Who Let The Dorks Out? is a peacock-y shade created by fine green shimmer densely strewn through a sheer blue jelly base. This is opaque in two coats as well. The effect of this is really nice. When the light hits it you can really see the green!

The Good:
  • Gleek Out is really versatile; you'd have no trouble manipulating the sheerness/opacity to exactly what you want. Who Let The Dorks Out? is a super pretty shade, with a neat duochrome. I love anything with a duochrome!
  • Great formula. Non-goopy, easy to work with, dries reasonably quickly.
The Bad:
Nothing here!

The Neutral:
Nothing I can think of!

Overall, if either of these colors appeals to you I don't think you'll be disappointed. They're both pretty and easy to work with.
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