Fierce Nerditude: MAC Jeanius Eyeshadow: Stovepipe Black, Motorhead and White Jeanius

Friday, March 4, 2011

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadow: Stovepipe Black, Motorhead and White Jeanius

Isn't the overspray on these so cool? I love when MAC puts out their bigger shadows, and I love when they put a design on top, regardless of how short lived the design will be.

The MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows have .10 oz of product, making them double the size of MAC's regular eyeshadows, for five dollars more. The colors, are of course, built around the colors of denim blue jeans. The jeans stamp across the surface is, of course, only on the surface. As soon as you start using it, the stamp will go away.

Don't you think they nailed the 'Jeans' motif?
Stovepipe Black and Motorhead are very smooth and easy to blend. White Jeanius is a bit less so, but still awesome. Blending took a bit extra effort with it, but nothing that would really inconvenience me. I didn't experience any fading, fallout or other problems with these colors.

Though I'm not reviewing Diva in Distress, I'll just throw in that while I was swatching it at the counter, I found it lacked pigmentation and the shimmer was piecy. I didn't like it, so I didn't buy it.

On to the colors:
Left to Right: White Genius, Motorhead, Black Stovepipe
White Jeanius is a frosty white. It's silvery and snowy, but more difficult to blend than the other colors (which blend like a dream). The color is also less pigmented. I only ran my finger down my inner arm twice for the other two colors, but four times for this one.
Motorhead is a dirty, denim-y blue with a sheen and some copper pearl to it.
Stovepipe Black is either soft black with copper to it or very dark grey with copper to it. I'm leaning toward the first. If you're into dark shadows, you should definitely try this out, it's really interesting!

 The Good:
  • Stovepipe Black and Motorhead have excellent pigmentation, while I'd call White Jeanius average.
  • Easy to work with.
  • You get a lot of product for the money.
  • Very nice design on the shadows.
  • Stovepipe Black and Motorhead are very blendable.
The Bad:
  • While Stovepipe Black and Motorhead are exceptional, White Jeanius is okay.
The Neutral:
  • The overspray won't last.
Overall, I highly recommend Motorhead and Stovepipe Black. The latter is incredibly unique, whereas I've seen colors a lot like Motorhead before, but it's still a great shade with great formula. While White Jeanius isn't fussy, per se, it does take some extra effort that you don't have to take with the other two shadows. Overall, I like it, but it definitely is a bit different from the other two.

These are currently available at MAC counters, stores and MAC's website for $19.50.
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