Fierce Nerditude: Inglot Shadows Part 1: Bright Palette

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inglot Shadows Part 1: Bright Palette

Dun dun dun! Here come the promised Inglot Reviews. I'll be starting with the much-raved-about eyeshadows, and I'll be doing them in three parts. I have two Inglot palettes with ten shadows each. Today, I'll do the first ten, tomorrow I'll do the next ten. The day afterward, I'll be reviewing the palettes themselves. After that I'll continue to the other, lesser known products. Inglot makes some amazing nail enamels that I can't wait to show you guys! I'm going off topic now. Anyway, this is my palette of holy-spit-how-amazingly-bright-is-that?! Inglot shadows.

The Colors:
Left to Right: 51, 495, 60, 74, 65, 366, 477, 58, 504, 388
51 is a red-orange with silver sparkle. I must admit, I mainly bought this color because I don't own an orange eyeshadow. This is an AMC shadow. More on that later in the post.
495 is either a pinkish-red with gold sparkle. I lovelovelove this shade. This is a DS shadow. More on this later.
60 is straight-up primary yellow with gold sparkle. I bought this because I don't have an awesome yellow yet. Plus, I thought it looked good in the palette near the other bright colors.
74 is a red purple with silver sparkle. This is an AMC shadow.
65 is black with silver sparkle. I feel like I need one of these from every brand.
366 is a true (perhaps a bit pink) matte red.
477 is best described, in my opinion, as a cross between mint and lime green with gold sparkle. This is a DS finish.
58 is a very green sort of green. I feel like this is the green you'd get from mixing equal parts of primary blue and primary yellow. This is an AMC.
504 is bright cyan that leans a bit green making it look more teal than a true cyan. This is a DS shadow.
388 is a matte, primary blue.

The finishes:
AMC stands for 'advanced makeup components'. I'm not exactly sure what these entail. The saleswoman at Inglot said that it's what makes Inglot's formula so pigmented, but the non AMC shadows that Inglot offers are equally pigmented.
DS is double sparkle. A lot of the Inglot shadows have some sparkle, but these have more. I don't experience much, if any, fallout/migration with Inglot shadows. This finish isn't Midnight-Cowboy-ish at all. I haven't found any straight up glitter chunks that go everywhere (thank goodness!)
Matte is... matte. No sparkle, just color. I just love Inglot's matte shadows. Somehow, they're even smoother than the sparkly ones. They don't feel dry. They also both swatch and apply very well.

There are more finishes that I will be covering tomorrow.

Generally, I'm really skeptical about rave reviews. I feel like a lot of people are just more easily impressed than I am, you know? Plus, there's the higher-expectations-more-disappointment factor.

Let me tell you, though, these really lived up to the hype for me. The pigmentation is ASTOUNDING. To get the swatches, I only touched the shadows. You really don't need much. The pans are also very large, which I'll be showing you when I do my review of the palettes. I got the palette for fifty dollars, making each shadow five bucks. That's a great deal considering both the quality and amount of shadow you get. Even after the price increase, I definitely think these'll be worth the money (though I'll be buying another palette before the increase). While I was in the store picking out colors, I swatched every single one (except two that were out of stock), and there wasn't a single one that didn't swatch well.

I highly recommend the eyeshadows from Inglot's freedom system!

The Good:
  • Wide variety of colors.
  • Insanely pigmented shadows.
  • The pans are huge.
The Bad:
Nothing. I know if you're a skeptic about rave reviews like me, this probably makes you even more skeptical, but I'm sorry. I've had these for three-ish months, have used them frequently and can't think of anything legitimately bad to say. I'm seriously loving these.

The Neutral:
  • While I have nothing bad to say about the shadows themselves, the palettes have a few downsides that I'll quantify in another post. The quick thing about these is that the pans are held in magnetically and the palettes close magnetically. As you may have heard, the magnets are very strong.
Overall, I love these, and I think a lot of you will too. Inglot is, unfortunately, unavailable to a lot of people, but they're expanding. Hopefully, soon you'll all be able to try these for yourselves and decide if Inglot deserves all the praise it gets!

This is Inglot's new online store (US Only). Here's a list of store locations worldwide. If you're going to a store, call ahead of time to make sure these are in stock. At the Times Square location in particular these sell out before the shipments even come in because so many people want them.
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