Fierce Nerditude: Inglot AMC Lip Gloss: 544 and 543

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss: 544 and 543

Yes, these glosses are, in fact, as cool as they look. Inglot offers a variety of AMC glosses with very interesting duochrome effects. I'm a total sucker for stuff like that, so naturally I picked these up the very first time I went to Inglot. How well do they work?

Inglot's AMC Lip Glosses are very thin in texture with a non-sticky formula. I don't really like non-sticky glosses, personally. They wear away quicker, especially since I have a habit of smooshing my lips together (the way most people do to spread a product). I also had trouble getting my own lip brush into the tube: I wound up having to get the product off the doe-foot with my brush, which was annoying. Also, the scent of these is light and fruity. I can't quite identify which fruit these smell like, though.

Now, the colors!
Left to Right: 544, 545, 543, 542, 546
544 is a very pigmented fuchsia with an orange-y shift. The shift is much more obvious on lips, as you'll see in the swatches below. This is one of the shades with more pigmentation.
544 is orange with a yellow shift. The duochrome of this is more subtle than the rest. This is one of the shades with more pigmentation.
543 is lavender with some green and orange shift. This is sheerer.
542 is pink with a blue-ish and yellow-ish shift. This is sheer, like 543.
546 is an opalescent color. It's white-ish with green, yellow and lavender-y shift. This is sheer, like 543.

Pardon the quality of the photo above, I actually ran down to the Inglot shop the other day to get some swatches so that you guys could see all of them (but unfortunately, they didn't have 541). The picture was taken with my iPhone, so naturally, it's not as nice as the ones I take with my camera!

The wear of these, and the pigmentation (as described above), varies on the colors. 544 gets three-ish hours of wear, as does 545 (I wore it out of the store to check). 543 only gets about two hours' wear, on the other hand. My best guess on 542 and 546 is that they'd wear more like 543 than 544, though I haven't worn them for extended periods, so I don't know for sure! Over other products, they do wear longer. The glosses are all sheer.

544 on bare lips
543 on bare lips
One thing that should be noted is that on bare lips, these have a tendency of bleeding into lip lines. It's more obvious in 543 but both do it to some degree. This seems to happen with lots of duochrome products on lips: the shift appears more obvious in lip lines. in 544, for example, the orange is more obvious where it's sunken into my lips. I actually think the effect is cool, but it's not for everyone.

544 over Inglot AMC Lip Pencil 35
543 over Inglot AMC Lip Pencil 35
As with all duochrome lip products, I needed to try it over black and white. I find that bases make the duochrome more glowy and obvious. You can definitely see this in the pic of 544. My lips literally looked like they were black and glowing orange. The effect would be awesome for Halloween (orange and black being the characteristic colors for the holiday--you can definitely wear it whenever you want, though: I don't think it's too Halloween-ish). Over black, 543 looked more opalescent, and the glow looked like a subtle green. Not as 'BAM!' as 544 looked over the black, but still VERY nice.

544 over MAC's Cream Color Base in Luna
543 over MAC's Cream Color Base in Luna
Doesn't 544 look amazing over white (except for that little glob of product on my top lip that I didn't see 'til just now xP)? 543 looks truly lovely over white as well. It brings out some yellow and tangerine in the color. The green pearl is more obvious in real life, but unfortunately you need to try this lip combo to see, because it wouldn't show up in the photo no matter how hard I tried.

The Good:
  • Very interesting colors.
  • Visible shift: a lot of duochromes become too subtle when worn, but that's not really true of these.
The Bad:
  • Short wear time on 543 unless there's a base underneath.
The Neutral:
  • Non-sticky glosses. Some people like them, but I, personally, favor the sticky variety. Call me insane, but it's true.
  • These are mostly sheer. For the type of product, I think it works well, because basically you could put any of these over any color.
  • The tubes are hard to get a lip brush into, which will annoy lip brush users.
Overall, I would love if these were stickier and ultra-pigmented. These are, however, nice glosses for what they are. The sheerness actually serves the duochrome well, because you can experiment by putting these on a variety of bases rather than only those within the same color family. I definitely recommend these who like to experiment with lip color, because you'll have lots of combos to try out. The only trouble is the wear. If these were stickier, the wear would be better and I'd like them so much more.

These are currently available in-store and online from Inglot for $15.00.
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