Fierce Nerditude: Tokidoki Glitter Eyeliner Set

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tokidoki Glitter Eyeliner Set

Top to Bottom: Melodia, SANDy, Al Dente, Meteo, Bianca, Unicorno

I really love a lot of the tokidoki brand stuff at Sephora. I think it's really underrated, which sucks because they make some of my favorite products, namely the Brillante Glitter Eyeliner pencils.

I'm a huge fan of glittery eye makeup, but with most products, the glitter seems to have a life of its own. These are, hands down, my favorite glitter product, because the shades are super pigmented, the liners last all day, and the glitter actually stays in place. That's right glitter lovers, a glitter product where the glitter actually stays  where you put it!

Left to Right: Unicorno, Bianca, Meteo, Al Dente, SANDy, Melodia
The glitter itself is super-fine. In fact it's so much so that it can be hard to tell what color the glitter is, which you'll see when I'm describing the individual colors.

A lot of reviews say that these are 'hard,' and that almost put me off buying them myself. I really have to say I disagree: while these aren't creamy, they certainly don't hurt me or pull at my eyes at all. It's an interesting texture that you may want to feel for yourself. The best way I can describe it is that it feels a little bit powdery, but with more glide than a powder.

On to the colors:

Left to Right: Melodia, SANDy, Al Dente, Meteo, Bianca, Unicorno
Melodia is a dark, charcoal grey with what looks like silver and blue glitter. Sephora, however, says that it's gold. This color is available on it's own in full size.
SANDy is apple green with gold glitter. This color is available on it's own in full size.
Al Dente is a reddish purple with gold glitter.
Meteo is blue with silver glitter. It looks like there could also be some blue glitter, but that might just be the blue liner fooling my eyes.
Bianca is a white base with silver glitter in it.
Unicorno is a yellowy gold with gold glitter. This color is available on it's own in full size.

The Good:
  • It has a smooth, powdery texture that isn't gritty at all.
  • The glitter is fine and isn't prone to migration.
  • The base colors are super-pigmented.
  • The liner lasts all day and doesn't smudge or transfer.

The Bad:
Nothing bad, here!

The Neutral:
  • These aren't smudgeable liners.
  • The glitter means that you can't put these on you're waterline: it'll probably burn!

Overall, I'd say that if you love glitter and bright colors you should give these a try. The set in particular gives you the opportunity to try out six different shades for less than you would pay for two full sizes.

The full size Brillante Glitter Eyeliners are $14.00, and currently available here.
This set is $25.00, and it includes six 0.029 oz mini liners. It's currently available here.
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