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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stila Travel Palette: Fabulous in Fiji

The second Stila Travel Palette I purchased is called Fabulous in Fiji. The colors in this palette are ocean-y, including three different shades of blue and a green. You also get a convertible color called Plumeria in this little fella, which is a very pretty reddish-bronze shade.

Just for a quick review, the eyeshadow pans in this palette are also set a millimeter deep into the cardboard to keep the powder from migrating into the cream. It's a thoughtful touch on Stila's part. The value is the same. You get 0.15 oz of eyeshadow and 0.09 oz of convertible color. For a more in depth breakdown on the value of this palette check out my post on the Adventurous in Aspen palette. Basically, though, you get $30 worth of eyeshadow and $15 of Convertible Color. Not bad for $10, no?

Left: Stila Convertible Color in Plumeria
Right (Clockwise From Upper Left): Palm, R&R, Escape, Wave

This packaging is similar to that of Adventurous in Aspen, save for the design on the outside. The cardboard is sturdy enough that I'm sure it'd hold up fine in a makeup drawer, or even in a purse, but you might want to be careful if you plan on tossing it in your school bag. I can imagine this packaging acquiring a lot of scuffs and scratches over the years. The magnetic closure is strong enough to keep it closed unless you want it open.

This Convertible Color is very unlike the one I tried yesterday. It's much creamier and goes on to the lips feeling and looking like a gloss, but with a less pronounced shine. Maybe a luster finish lipstick would be a better comparison? It also doesn't dry down the same way as Rosy. It was dewy and the tiniest bit sticky, almost like having a moisturizing lipstick on my face. It's a beautiful color, and one I see myself wearing on my lips often.

On to the colors:

Left to Right: Palm, R&R, Wave, Escape
Palm is a semi-matte leafy, grassy green. This color was pigmented and had no trouble swatching. It's also my favorite one from this palette!
R&R is a shimmering light blue. It was light and on the sheer side. This is the only shadow in this palette I had pigmentation issues with. Even though it's shimmery and has good slip to it, it took two strokes to get it as dark as it is above, and it still isn't quite opaque. Snow Angel was grey and had more pigmentation. While it was a cool grey, it wasn't blue. R&R was more distinctly blue and sheerer.
Wave is a vibrant, deep ocean blue. Icicles of Adventurous in Aspen is a duller shade than this. This one was fully matte and a bit dry and difficult to swatch, like all mattes seem to be. It was much better in use, though.
Escape is a pretty, shimmery, light blue with excellent pigmentation.

Left to Right: Plumeria (swatched with a lip brush), Plumeria (blended out with a blush brush)
Plumeria is a shimmery, reddish bronze with a dewy finish. Unlike Rosy from Adventurous in Aspen, this color worked better on my lips than my cheeks and was ultra moisturizing. All-in-all however, it didn't sit poorly on my face. I didn't feel anything heavy or gooey. For someone who likes a dewier finish, this could probably make a great face color. On the lips it's more like a sheer gloss than a liptick. A tinted balm, maybe? It didn't rob my lips of moisture or settle into my lip lines like rosy did, so I give this two thumbs up for use on both the cheeks and the lips (though I, personally, dislike a dewy finish and won't be using it as a blush).

Plumeria, applied with a lip brush
See what I mean about it being moisturizing? Totally awesomesauce.

The Good:
  • You still get an excellent value for your money!
  • Good pigmentation on most shadows.
  • The Convertible Color makes a good blush for those who enjoy a dewy finish.
  • The Convertible Color also makes a good lip tint? Gloss? Tinted balm? Take your pick.
  • You can try a Convertible Color at a fraction of the price of a full size.
The Bad:
  • Creams and powders in one palette. I still don't like it!
  • R&R has okay pigmentation. Definitely not as good as the other Stila shadows I've tried.
The Neutral:
  • This Convertible color has a dewy finish, so not everyone will want to use it as a blush.
  • Cardboard packaging. It's sturdy enough that I'm sure it'd last years in a makeup drawer. While I don't think that it'd break, it would probably get scuffed up on the go unless you're careful.
Overall, I was a bit disappointed with R&R in this palette, especially since all four shadows in the other were big hits with me. Plumeria, however, is much nicer than Rosy for the lips, in my opinion. I definitely think this palette is worth a look. Three of the shadows are excellent, while one is okay, and the Convertible Color works phenomenally for me on the lips. I'm very satisfied with this purchase!

The Stila's Adventurous in Aspen palette can currently be purchased for $10 at Sephora.com or StilaCosmetics.com.
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