Fierce Nerditude: Kat Von D Eye Brush Set

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kat Von D Eye Brush Set

The Kat Von D Eye Brush Set is a gorgeous set of five eye brushes with the Kat Von D line's signature roses stamped on both the handles and all the way around the case. The set includes an angled shadow brush, a blending brush, an angled brow brush, a flat eyeliner brush and a smudge brush.

I bought this set over a year ago when I still didn't have a very large makeup brush collection to work with. The set was beautiful and it had a lot of basic brushes that I would need. So here's the rundown on what's included:

Left to Right: Angled Shadow Brush, Blending Brush, Smudge Brush, Brow Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush
This brush is soft, fluffy and I haven't experienced any shedding with it. It has a shape similar to that of a MAC 275, but larger, which makes it great for applying a lid color or an all over base. It isn't as precise for a lid color as more dense brush like the MAC 239, but it's perfect for a sweeping color across your whole lid in one go, though those with smaller lids may not be able to use it that way. It picks color up very well.

This is a basic tapered blending brush that reminds me a lot of what the MAC 222 would be like if its dome was a bit smaller. This is super fluffy, soft and a very effective blender. It's also great for applying a color to the crease. I've experienced no shedding with this.

This brush is an amazing smudger, and as such is incredibly dense. It's made of the same fiber as the two before it and as with them, it doesn't shed. If I had to pick a MAC brush to equate this to, it'd be the 214, but this is slightly wider, and the 214's bristles are a bit longer. This brush doesn't shed.
This is the brow brush included with the set. The bristles are nice and stiff, densely packed and apply color well. I, personally, feel like all brow brushes are the same. Every brush set seems to have them and I only use them for eyeliner, and even then I do so rarely. This brush doesn't shed.

This is the flat eyeliner brush. The bristles are very dense and stiff and they are capable of making extremely fine, defined lines. Flat eyeliner brushes are my favorite kind, though they don't seem to be popular with most people. This is similar to the MAC 212, however I feel like the bristles of this are stiffer and that this is capable of making its lines slightly thinner. This is great for gel liner, cake liner or just to use plain old shadow as liner. Again, there was no shedding whatsoever (but I wouldn't have expected it with this type of brush anyway!)

The sleeve is a nice durable little nylon number that's very easy to wash. It's lightly padded to prevent the brushes from getting banged around too much, and is great for travel. I don't suspect it would protect your brushes from any catastrophes, but in the case of preventing damage from normal travel issues (read: dropped luggage, in-bag spills, etc) it would probably do a decent job. The closure on this is magnetic, and while the case wasn't the high point, it was a very nice touch.

These brushes are all super durable. They have a nice sturdiness to them and the ferrules feel very firmly attached to the handles. I never experienced any shedding with any of these brushes, which is absolutely astounding, but true. It's like all the hairs are individually hanging in there, or something!

Another important thing about this set is that it's a great value. If you divide the total price of the set by the number of brushes you get, it comes out to only $9.60 each, which is definitely not bad at all. Even if you only really want three of the brushes, they only come out to $16 each. Combine that with the fact that each brush feels super sturdy, and it's a great buy.

The Good:
  • You get a great value for your money.
  • The brushes are sturdy.
  • The brushes that need to be soft are soft and the brushes that need to be stiff/dense are stiff/dense.
  • The brushes don't shed (at least not for me!)
  • You get most of your 'basic eye brush' bases covered.
  • Very pretty stenciled rose design.
The Bad:
  • Those with small lids may not care for the angled shadow brush
  • You can only buy the set, so even if you only want one brush, you'll have to re-buy the whole set. This is a downfall of most brush sets, but I felt it was one worth noting.
The Neutral:
  • If you buy a lot of brush sets, the brow brush will probably just be another addition to your collection.
Overall, while $48 may sound steep, the Kat Von D brushes are actually very affordable and well made on top of that. They look great, feel great and they all do their jobs. If there are any three brushes in the set you think you want, I think you should give this set a look!

The Kat Eye Brush Set can currently be purchased here for $48.
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