Fierce Nerditude: Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art: Minty

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art: Minty

When the new Hello Kitty line was announced at Sephora I was so excited! Particularly about the nail polishes. I love Hello Kitty, I love nail polish, I love cute little bottles... How could getting these not be a good idea?

To put it gently, this polish really, really sucked.

The first the good: This is a very pretty mint green color. Additionally, it dries fast. Well, that's not entirely good, because what happened was that it sort of started to dry as I was putting it on. As in, while I was doing the same coat, which really made a mess of the job I was doing with the polish. The color was opaque in one coat in some places, but the formula was so goopy that it left streaks of-slightly exposed nail that I wasn't able to fully cover until I'd applied three coats. It was pretty ridiculous.

The Good:
  • The bottle's really cute.
  • Very pretty, true-to-bottle mint green color.
  • Fast-drying.
The Bad:
  • Even application was almost impossible for me. I found this polish to be so, so streaky.
  • The texture was a bit on the goopy side. The polish literally started to dry so quickly that it felt like a tacky mess.
  • It took too many coats to get it to look the way I wanted. If it weren't for the odd consistency, this could've been a one-coater.
  • Somewhat expensive.
  • The color is easily dupeable.
The Neutral:
Nothing I can think of!

Overall, I wasn't at impressed by the formula of this polish, by which I mean this specific color. I bought and tested four different Hello Kitty polishes and my opinions of them are pretty much all over the map from color to color; a couple of them were really good! I'll be posting the reviews for each color separately. If you really like this, I suggest trying it out in store first: maybe you can handle these better than I can.

This is currently available at Sephora for $10.00.
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