Fierce Nerditude: Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art: Blueberry

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art: Blueberry

Have you ever loved a formula of a product but found a color of that product that simply did not perform? This is the opposite of that. Hello Kitty's Liquid Nail Art in Blueberry is a beautiful periwinkle shade of polish, and it's every bit as good as Minty and Banana Cream were not.

What changed? The formula's still super quick to dry, however, this time instead of being goopy in texture the polish seems to be just right. It's not runny, but it's not too thick, and it spreads itself smoothly, and dries down in under a minute. It also retains the pigmentation of the other two colors. The above photo? One coat! Gotta love that!

I also found this formula to be chip-resistant (even with the worse shades). Without a base and top coat, each lasted me a week with only minor tip wear! This one's definitely a winner!

The Good:

  • This polish has a chip resistant formula that wears very well.
  • Great color and cute bottle.
  • Opaque in one coat!
  • Easy application and good texture. Have you ever had a polish that seems almost as if it's spreading itself smooth? That's what I experienced with this!

The Bad:
Nothing bad here!

The Neutral:
  • Somewhat expensive.
    Overall, if you like this polish and don't mind spending ten dollars on it, I'd recommend it. This is honestly one of the best polishes I've tried, even though it's cousins Minty and Banana Cream were enormous disappointments.

    This is currently available at Sephora for $10.00.
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